Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it cost effective to build my own trailer? 

Yes ! It will cost less to build a quality trailer than to purchase one. Although some trailers are good quality some are not. To save money some trailer manufacturers will substitute cheaper and weaker material. You will not find this out till years down the road when the frame begins to rust and rot. 

Is it easy to build a trailer? 

Yes, with our simple step by step plans you will only need basic welding knowledge and basic mechanical skills.These are not complicated drawings but step by step instructions including lots of pictures. 

What if I get stuck and need help? 

No need to worry ! Just email us or log on to our online help forum and we will be there to help. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. 

Where can I get parts to build a trailer? 

Part's sources are closer than you think. Most cities and towns will have shops that carry axels, fenders and the various parts you will need for your project. We also offer a great link library for shopping online. 

How do I wire my trailer? 

In each set of plans there is a basic wiring schematic. We show you how to wire up a basic wiring system.


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